Capture devices set up in Composer / DISE Control center are DirectShow/Crossbar devices. 

A capture object in a DISE Movie is associated to a capture device by its name. Capture objects simply determine the location and size of the image coming from that capture device.

It's important to give the same name to a capture device in both Composer and Premium (on the player).



Remember that you need permission from the provider to display most TV channels on public-facing screens.

DISE Composer

To configure a capture device, go to File > Options > Device settings and select the Capture devices tab. 

You typically create a "virtual" capture device in Composer. The capture device is referred to by name in Composer. This makes it possible to create presentations without having any capture device at all on your manager. 

To add a new capture device click one of the Add buttons:

BDA capture device

BDA capture is used for digital video tuners.

Device name

The name is important since this is the name that you will reference to when you add this capture device in DISE Composer or when the player refers to this capture device during playback.

Select capture device

All supported BDA capture devices will be listed. Select the adapter you want to use.

Auto scan

If your service list is empty, you need to scan for available services in your area. It will take a couple of minutes to scan all frequencies.

Scan frequency

Use this if you want to scan a single frequency. Enter the frequency in kHz in the Carrier Frequency input box and click the button. This is faster than Auto scan.

Service list

Lists all services that was detected during the scanning process. Click on service to select it and start the preview.

WDM capture device

WDM capture devices typically denote capture cards, webcams or DV Cameras.

Device name

The name is important since this is the name that you will reference to when you add this capture device in DISE Composer or when the player refers to this capture device during playback.

Device tab

You can enable or disable audio and video separately. Select the device that you want to use. Supported devices found on your system are listed. If the device supports selecting between different inputs and outputs, you can select them from the drop-down. Additional settings and device property pages can be accessed through the Configure button.

Tune channels tab

If the device supports tuning (analog TV and radio) this tab will enable you to select the correct TV channel or radio program.

Settings tab

Additional capture settings. If you need to change video color space, TV format or video capture size this is the place to do it.

Add a capture object

The Capture object allows you to add captured image to your DISE Movie.

It is found in the Objects tab of the main Composer window.
Double-click on the Capture icon or click it and draw where you want it on the Composer edit area. This will bring up the Capture properties.

General tab

Capture source
Provides a list of names of capture sources. On the manager, the capture object references a name which is associated with the actual capture device on the player.

Setup capture sources
Enables you to bring in capture devices located on the manager into your DISE Movie.

Load the selected capture device for preview

Lets you see what the capture devices records.

Options tab

Audio options
Here, select what sound card to output the audio, output volume and panning.
To enable or disable audio use its checkbox in the Playback Options section below.
Under Audio options you can also enable the special Multi-screen auto volume. This mode enables automatic change of volume depending on how far away the object is in relation to the output screen. If you tick the Adjust balance checkbox, the audio will also be panned (left/right) depending on the horizontal position. Min and max distance lets you alter the range of where the volume will be silent to where it will be in full strength.

Video options
In video options you can select a different video renderer and enable de-interlace of interlaced captured video. Normally you should use the Default renderer.

Continue play in background
The audio will be muted but the capture is not destroyed when the object is not displayed.

Enable audio
Enables audio for the capture device. This is normally on.

Enable video
Enables video for the capture. This is normally on.

DISE Control Center

To set capture settings for a player, exit the playback by hitting Escape, then pause the Control Center by hitting F9.

Next, right click the Control Center icon in the system tray and select Settings > Device settings. 

Please note that capture devices are associated by name, so if you have created a capture device and its capture object in Composer, enter the same name here for the actual device.

See above for information on the specifics of the dialog.