Getting the installer

There are two different ways you can download the installer for Composer. 

Download installer from ''

The first way is to go here and download it. 

By downloading it from the support web you know you have the latest version.

Download installer from Portal

Second way is to download it directly from the Portal. This means you might not get the latest version but you will get the

  1. Log in to Portal.
  2. Go to the System > Downloads section.
    (If you don't have the System tab, you are not an admin of the system, and so can't download installers. Please contact your system administrator.)
  3. Click to download the Composer installer.

How to install

  1. Run the installer on your PC.
    Please see this page for system recommendations for PC:
  2. Click your way through the installation, you can select the default options. 
  3. When the installation completes, start the application. 

  4. Composer will be pre-configured to connect to your Cloud if you downloaded it directly from your server.
    If not please see this guide on how you can connect it to the cloud.