It is possible to create impressive video walls with DISE. There are a few options to configure a video wall, which are presented below. 

For more information on how to set up NoBorders in Dise see this solution.


Multi-display graphics card

Using a graphics card which can power screens tiled together as a single stretched screen, you can output from a single DISE Premium or DISE Professional player and display the image over a multitude of screens. 

Examples of technologies that provide this are: Matrox C/G/M/MMS/P Series, NVIDIA Surround/Mosaic, AMD Eyefinity.

Video wall / display controller

Using a specialized device, display controller, it is possible to take a single input and display it over several screens, cropped and tiled as needed. 

There are traditional DP/HDMI/DVI based devices, or devices that rely on IP for transfer. In this case, screens in the solution have an IP receiver.

Daisy chain

There are a number of professional digital signage screens that have built-in video walls features.
The screens are connected in a series, or "daisy chain" manner. Contact your screen manufacturer for information whether daisy chaining is possible.

Dise NoBorders

DISE NoBorders is a software solution that provides synchronized playback between multiple players. 

Each player is playing one part of a large multiscreen canvas (see example 1). The synchronization is achieved via multicast IP.

An advantage of DISE NoBorders is that screens may be placed in a creative, non-traditional manner on the wall (see example 2).

It also makes it possible to utilise slightly less powerful hardware than if you were to have a single large canvas. 

Example 1: Setup in Composer.

Example 2: Escalator example.