How to change the running content on my player? It is sometimes confusing to know where exactly to edit to change what is shown. 

This article aims to dissolve any confusion around players and playlists.

A "player" represents a physical playback device. 

Each player is connected to one "playlist" OR one "layout". 

Several players can be connected to the same playlist or layout.

Example, we have 2 players, "Entrance Left" and "Entrance Right". 

During setup, the "Entrance Left" and "Entrance Right" players have been connected to a single playlist called "Entrance", as can be seen in the image below. "Content" here is the "Entrance" playlist.

To change what is playing on both "Entrance Left" and "Entrance Right", go to Playlists and find the "Entrance" playlist. 

When the playlist "Entrance" is published, both players will be updated, since they are connected to it. There is no need to edit the player itself (under Players)!

To change what the player plays, you need to change what is in its connected playlist. 

If you need to control content individually, create a playlist for each player. 

In our case, we want to change so that we can instead control content individually for "Entrance Left" and "Entrance Right". 

First we need to create new playlists. We call them "Entrance Left playlist" and "Entrance Right playlist" for clarity.

To replace the current playlist setting, we edit the players by going to Players > Entrance Left and click the Edit button. 

Click the Playlist field and select the "Entrance Left playlist" in the list. 

Click Save and publish the player.