A layout is multiple playlists playing on the same screen.

A good use for a layout is if for example you want an RSS feed to player over your content,

or maybe if you want a frame around the edge of the screen. 

You can do all this by using layouts. 

To create a layout you first want to start with creating the playlists you want to use in your layout. 

After you have created the playlists, click on the "Layouts" tab. 

Click the plus sign in the top right corner. 

After you have given your layout a name and a description you can start adding playlists to it. 

To do this, click the plus sign inside of the layout. On the picture below you can also see a small padlock icon next to the plus symbol. 

Use this to rearrange your playlists, the further down in the list a playlist are, the closer to the front it will appear. 

So for example if you want a playlist on top of another, you want to place it below the other playlist in the list below.

After you have added the playlist to your layouts, you might want to rearrange them. 

To do this you click the More button in the top right corner on the playlist you want to move. 

In the menu that appears you want to click "Edit". 

Now you should be able to see the following options.

  • X-Position
    Position of playlist horizonally. 
  • Y-Position
    Position of playlist verticaly. 
  • Width
    Width of playlist
    Height of playlist
  • Align to
    Choose what to allign the playlist against. 
  • Trigger (Beta)
    Create a trigger that will trigger the playlist to start playing. 


After this your layout is done, apply it to your player just as you would with a playlist but choose layout instead.