Creating a playlist is the place to start when you are looking to set up content for your players.

You can manage scheduled playlists, playlists within playlists, playlist containing a single object and much more.  


How to get started creating a playlist

Start by clicking the Playlists tab in Portal. 

A tab to the right should open and you should see the following window. 

Click the Add button to create a new playlist. 

When clicking the Add button, you will see this. 

Fill in what you want to name your playlist etc. and click Save

You have now created a playlist.

To add content to your playlist, simply hit the Add button within the playlist tab. 

The following tab will pop out. 

Click the content you want to add to your playlist then hit the green button with the text Add

Playlist settings

Settings on your playlist can be made by clicking the More button in the top right corner. 

The menu below should open, click Edit

Now you should see this tab. 

  • Name
    Edit the name of the playlist
  • Description
    Add or change desription
  • Transition
    Add a crossfade transition to the playlist. 
  • Default duration
    Set the default duration, this will change the duration of all your images and other static content in your playlist. (Videos for example wont be affected)

Individual content settings

To open content settings, simply click on the content in your playlist that you want to edit. 

  • Preview
    Preview content
  • Schedule
    Schedule the content, can use a custom schedule or a predefined
  • Disable
    Disables the content, meaning it wont show up on screen when he playlist is played. 
  • Duration
    Set duration of the content
  • Remove
    Removes the content