To create users and user groups, click the System tab in the Portal. (If you can't see the System tab, you are not an administrator. Please contact your administrator)


On this page you can create and manage users with login rights to the system. 

Create a new user by clicking the New user button. 

  1. The username to use when logging in. 
  2. The user's full name.
  3. The user's mail address.
  4. Check whether the user should receive updates to player status.
    For example when a player has a problem, a mail can be sent out by the server.
  5. Language selection.
  6. The user's Role determines whether the user can see the System tab or not (is an Administrator).
    Also, administrators can never be affected by permissions. 
  7. A user group that the user should belong to. Note that a user can be part of more than one group, in which case it is handled in the User groups page.
  8. Password. A minimum of 6 characters must be used.
  9. Save the user in the system.

User groups

Users can be part of several groups. A user group can be set with permissions, making it an ideal choice when you need greater control over several users.