Remote Desktop


Virtual machines



Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is not usually a good option since this will logout the current user, and after you have finished your session it will not login again, which means that the playback will not resume.

Composer requires Direct3D graphic card acceleration, which may be disabled in the RDC graphics driver.

Virtual machines

We don't recommend running Composer on a virtual machine such as VirtualBox or Vmware. 

We cannot guarantee either a good performance or full support of graphics. You may get this error message during startup of Composer:


TeamViewer does not require any open ports and will work behind a firewall. It requires an internet connection.

It can be run as a service or temporarily with no installation required. The server can be setup for permanent access.

While connected, TeamViewer has the possibility to blank the remote screen, which comes very handy when stopping playback, doing updates etc, as well as transferring update files, logs and so on.

Give access via Teamviewer

For troubleshooting purposes, DISE support may ask for Teamviewer access. In this case we recommend you download the "Teamviewer Host" from the TeamViewer website. Once Host has been installed, please provide DISE support with the ID and password.


There are several different types if VNC applications and most come with both a Server and Client application. Most client / server combinations are compatible but keep down problems it is better to stay with one brand.

These are the most common VNC client/servers for Windows:


Both UltraVNC and TightVNC provides something called a "mirror display driver", this functionality should not be included in the installation since this driver does not support hardware accelerated content.

When possible, install VNC as a service. This will prevent you from being locked out, especially when combined with UAC (User Account Control) - the message box asking for consent will be shown in another desktop, which the remote user will not have access to.

Most variants of VNC are free.


This software enables you to connect a large number of different players through the logmein.com web interface. LogMeIn does not require any open ports and will work behind a firewall. It requires an Internet connection.

LogMeIn have their own "Mirror Driver" that does not support Direct3D acceleration, since we use Direct3D acceleration you have to disable this otherwise you may not be able to see the Composer window. To disable this option, connect to the computer in question, go into Preferences > Remote Control settings and uncheck the "Use display accelerator" option.