1. Install the new server and configure it in the same way as the old server.
  2. Copy all the files in the folder "DISE Server Data\Content" to the new server.
    Make sure to preserve the folder locations.
  3. On both servers, stop all DISEServer* services (start with DISEServerNginx).
  4. Rename the "DISE Server Data\pgData" on the new server to "DISE Server Data\pgData_clean".
  5. Copy the "DISE Server Data\pgData" folder from the old server to the new.
  6. Copy the "DISE Server Data\Content" but only new existing files.
    This ensures that you have the latest copy if someone uploaded since the first copy process.
  7. Restart the new server.
  8. Make sure that you can login to localhost and that content and players are being listed.
  9. Login to the control panel, go to the Licensing tab and copy the licensing details.
    Mail this licensing details to DISE Support to get a new license file.
  10. Apply the new license file.
  11. Change the DNS to point to the new server and browse to the new server.
    Please note that it may take a while for DNS changes to propagate.

  12. Disable all DISEServer services on the old server to make sure it does not run.
  13. Wait for a while so that you see that players start contacting the new server.