Sometimes the best method to troubleshoot is to monitor the player while it is playing, for example to check for incoming messages.

To your help, you can set the player to debug mode, and then use some available tools to monitor it. 

Set debug mode in CX

  1. In CX, navigate to the display and select 'Edit' in the top right
  2. Under 'Playback settings' toggle debug mode and select the log level. Debug mode is the highest level of logging.

Set debug mode in Classic

  1. In Classic, go into the player and set the following custom settings:
    1. Name: debug
      Type: bool
      Value: 1
    2. Name: loglevel
      Type: int
      Value: 7
  2. Publish the player. 
  3. Now the player will restart playback and play the content in a windowed mode.
    In order to move the playback window, hold Ctrl and click and drag using your mouse.
  4. Click F5 to bring up a playback debug menu.