It is possible to have players automatically register in Cloud on startup, thus bypassing the need for a discovery service.

This is configured in the Windows registry, under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DISE\ServerCom key.

Before creating a player image, perform the below steps to have autoregistration.

  • Copy the below text into a text file and save as autoregister.reg. 
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Hostname"="<Server IP or FQDN>"
"AccountCreationUsername"="<Valid account creation username>"
"AccountCreationPassword"="<Valid account creation password>"
  • Change the bracketed (<string>) to the corresponding server-specific values.
  • For the AccountCreationUsername and AccountCreationPassword, you will need to get this information from the server itself: 
    • On the server, access the database as described here:
    • Run the below SQL query:
      SELECT account_creation_login, account_creation_password FROM network WHERE name = '<Network>';
    • Copy the value for account_creation_login to AccountCreationUsername and account_creation_password to AccountCreationPassword.
    • If you need to set up autoregistration on a server controlled by DISE, contact DISE Support for the details.
  • Run the reg file, prior to creating an image.