Support is split into 1st line support and 2nd line support

1st line support is typically the partner / reseller and 2nd line support is DISE technicians. 

The responsibilities of 1st and 2nd line support is regulated by the attached support agreement. 

For every incoming software issue that meets the criteria (see the attached support agreement), 2nd line support strives to provide either: 

  • a workaround
    method to get around the problem temporarily until a fix can be deployed 
  • a solution 
    software fix to be deployed in the system

within 72 hours from time of reception. 

In the event that the issue needs a software fix it is categorized in one of two main priorities: 

  • critical
    • Issue is causing major disturbances in the playback.
    • Issue is prohibiting users from logging in.
    • Issue is prohibiting users from making changes to content.
  • not critical
    • A workaround is available.
    • Issue happens only intermittently.
    • Issue is not causing major problems for customer.

If the issue is classified as critical 2nd line support will try and provide a fix within a week (7 days).

If the issue is classified as not critical the fix will be in the next update of the software, unless an earlier version is available.