User can't log in to Portal



When a user makes a failed attempt to login 5 times in a short while, by default the server will put a soft lock on the user account. This means that the user has to wait an amount of time, by default 3 minutes, to be able to log in again.


If the user continues and makes a failed attempt to log in 10 times in a short while, the server will put a hard lock on the user account. 

In this case, to change the password, please log in using a server administrator user (for example the sa user). Typically, this user can only log in from the same machine that the server is installed on. 

Go to the System > Users section and change passwords for users.

If, for any reason, your sa password is locked, please see the section "Reset server administrator password" below.

Reset server administrator password

In order to reset the server administrator password please do the following:

Run the DISE Server installation wizard, a .bat file "DISEServerInstaller.bat" that is available in "C:\Program Files (x86)\DISE\DISE Server" (or similar path depending where you installed the DISE Server).

Make sure to run it as an administrator. 

Check Update DISE Server admin account, and you will be presented with the option to type in a new password for user #1, that is the primary super administrator (sa).

Click Next until you reach the last page, where you click Finish. 

Disable account lockout

To permanently disable the account lockout, set the lockout threshold to 0 by opening up the file

<DISE Server Data>\nodeserver\lib\config\ and change so that the values read 0:

max_login_attempts_hard: 0,

max_login_attempts_soft: 0,

then restart the DISEServerNodeJS service.