Lite and Premium players exchange real-time information with the cloud server. 

This information includes: 

  • Playback and service status
  • Screenshots
  • Information about connected screens, for example temperature
  • Playback logs
  • Content statistics

When a player has a problem such as it going off the network, it will be marked with red in the portal and DISE backend will be able to react to it. 

Service status and log

  1. See the status of player services by clicking the player in the Players page and then clicking the Total status button.

  2. The Control Center service handles downloading new content, making sure the other services are running properly, and the device power schedule.

  3. The Playback service handles displaying content on the screen. 

  4. The Screen service handles screen communication and screen scheduling.

  5. In the Log section you can view various logs coming from different systems.


Most players have the possibility to take screenshots of running content. Selecting a player will let you see the most recent screenshot taken. 

By hovering your mouse over the screenshot you get options to View and Refresh as shown below: 

  1. View: Opens up a larger window with the screenshot. This screenshot also auto-updates. 
  2. Refresh: Sends a refresh request to the player. In a short while the screenshot will be updated.

Send mail on issue

A mail can be sent out whenever there is a problem with a player. This setting is per user and is set in the My account settings. 

If you are on an on-prem server (LAN) you may have to configure the server to be able to send mails. 

Please see this article: Sending mail