There are two different scheduling tools in the DISE CX Portal. 

Both are built on the same system but the difference is that one is rule based while the other has more simple set up.


Rule based scheduling

You can find the rule based scheduling if you log into the DISE Portal and go into the "Schedules" tab. 

Here you will see the following: 

Simply press the "+" icon to create a schedule.

When the "+" icon is pressed the following menu will present itself: 

Here you can name and add a description to your scheduele. 

When you are done creating your schedule and press "Save" it will be displayed in the list below as you can see in this picture: 

If you also click on the schedule a new tab will open as you can see above, if you press the "+" icon (2) you can add rules to your now created schedule. 

The set up of the rules are simple, you can add as many rules as you want. 

Example of rule-based scheduling

Let's say i have a store that is open between 09:00 and 17:00 every weekday, 

but some months there are special holidays which means that the store is open different hours. 

So to set this up we do the following, first i add a rule that schedules 09:00 - 17:00 every weekday. 

We will leave "Active from" and "Active until" blank because we want this schedule to be applied forever. 


The next step is adding a rule for the different holidays, you can see an example of this below. 

Here i am adding a schedule for Easter, 

Easter is on April 26 so that is when i want the schedule to be active. 

Then i add time i want the screens to turn on during between those two dates by selecting "Daily start time" and "Daily stop time". 

So basically what this means is that this rule will only be active April 26 2018 and then will never be used again. 

These schedules that you create under the schedule tab will show up as "Predefined schedules" where scheduling is available (Screens, Playlists, Hardware, Content e.t.c.).


Basic scheduling

You can find the basic scheduling on everything that can be scheduled in the DISE Portal. 

This includes Players, Hardware, Screens, Playlist, Content e.t.c.

The basic scheduling looks like this: 


  1. Here you can select when you want the schedule to start being active. 
  2. Here you select when you want the schedule to stop being active.
  3. Select entire days of the week where you want for example a piece of content to be displayed. If for example you uncheck "MO" the item you are scheduling wont be on during Mondays. 
  4. Set start time for the item that will applied every day the schedule is active
  5. Set stop time for the item that will be applied every day the schedule is active.