The Web Page object will show web pages in your DISE Movie, either as a still image or moving (with playing embedded objects for example). Web pages are cached in the background so there is no delay before displaying an object with a web page (just the first time), and reloading is done in the background. The Web Page object is chromium based. 


URL / File

URL to the web page, this could also be a local path to a file or a path to a file on a shared directory at a server.

Connect Data

Read more about data connections here:

Transparent background

Make the background of web page page transparent

Hide scrollbars

This enables you to hide the scrollbars on the web page being displayed.

Make object transparent if loading fails

Instead of displaying a black background, the web page will not be visible if it fails to load for some reason.

Scale (%)

Option to scale websites

Scroll page

Will automatically scroll the page


How often, in minutes that you would like to reload the web page, if possible this will be done in the background. 

Web page support

You can read more about what web pages are supported here: