Multi-touch is a feature that is supported by DISE Premium. 

It enables you to use the regular multi-touch commands on screens running DISE Premium. 

This means that you can use "pinch to zoom" and other commands just as you would on any other touch device.

Important note is that multi-touch is only supported on websites, so you need to show a website on the screen to be able to use multi-touch.

To be able to use multi-touch you need to use a website that supports it, you also need a screen that can take multi-touch input. 

Beyond that you will also need to use a website that works on the Premium player. 

You can read more about what websites that works here:

Getting started with multi-touch on Premium

First you want to make sure that the screen has multi-touch enabled. 

After that you can install the DISE Premium player and connect it to the server, 

see this guide on how to get started with DISE Premium:

Now you want to get started on adding the website to the player, start by opening up Composer and adding a Web page object

Configure that in your liking and upload your .disemovie to the cloud. 

If you are uncertain how to connect the Composer with the cloud see this guide:

When uploaded simply add the .disemovie to a playlist and attach it to the screen, if you are uncertain on how to do this you can see these guides:


You can also add the website directly in the DISE Portal, however we do recommend you use the web page object in Composer, 

but instructions for adding a website directly in cloud you can follow this guide:

Now you should be able to see the website being displayed on the screen, and if everything is set up right you should also be able to use multi-touch to navigate around the website.