General information

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) refers to small electronic devices, "tags" that consist of a small chip and an antenna. They are typically passive (not requiring battery power) but there is also active (requires a battery) devices.

In digital signage, this is a convenient solution for customers wishing to see more information about a product. By simply holding the product containing the RFID chip near a reader, it's able to get any information coded on the tag, and the software may react to it.

An example in retail is a fashion store where clothing has been RFID tagged. The customer may hold the clothing up to a screen which will trigger videos and images of models wearing the clothing, different colors, and accessories.

RFID in Dise

Dise software may interact with the APIs of common RFID readers. It is able to set variables, send requests for new information, and trigger the correct playlist on the player. The information may be found locally to the player or need to be fetched from an external data layer.

More information about scripting and variables can be found here.

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