DISE is a retail experience platform. This means that we will focus most of our efforts to facilitate creating immersive, retail focused signage.

We offer tools and components that allow our partners to build modern solutions. 


Functions in our DISE CX Portal is accessible via API. You can retrieve or set parameters that are delegated to players, triggering new content or changing the existing.

Send API requests via standard, REST methods from your own custom applications, or DISE provided tools. API documentation and sandboxing is available.

HTML5 support

DISE players can display apps built in HTML5. In addition we can provide components to communicate to our APIs from HTML5.

Context-aware scheduling

We want to be at the forefront when it comes to signage that intelligently switches to relevant content based on external circumstance. 

The triggers can be quick and direct or be based on data gathered over time, such as customer density analysis.