We very much appreciate to get logs of the problem. Text logs from the software is recommended, an image describing the problem is better than nothing.

  • Composer software version & when it was last installed.
  • Information about if the problem has happened only once/several times, and regularly/intermittently.
  • Describe your network and hardware setup, and (if any) changes have been made to it recently.
  • Information on what type of content you wish to play.
  • If you have video issues, what format, resolution and bitrate is used?
  • Description of the problem, including relevant pictures, log files and timestamps.
    On Windows 7 and above, a helpful tool is the "Steps Recorder".
    A recorded video file of the error or strange behavior is often the best way to explain the issue.
  • When it comes to log files, we prefer it if you could send us log from DebugView. If DebugView log is hard to get, the in-application log could also work. Composer has the option to log everything its doing in the background. 
  • If the software seems frozen, a memory dump from the task manager or Procdump (Sysinternals) is helpful 
  • Information about the hardware via dxdiag: 
    • Press Windows + R and type in "dxdiag". 
    • Click on the Save All Information button (save this file to your windows desktop and name it dxdiag.txt). 
    • Send this text file.
  • If a bug report dialog appears, please send it to us via the Send button and explain what happened.
  • In the case a system restart or bluescreen happens, the Windows event log (Application and System) is interesting.
  • If there is a file under "C:\DISEDump" that matches the time of the error, this would also be interesting.
  • We also much appreciate if you can grant us access to log in remotely, for example via Teamviewer (https://www.teamviewer.com).