The Paragraph object allows you to add text in paragraph form to your DISE Movie. It also scales the text in templates making it more suitable to use in templates then the regular text object. 

 You can find in the Objects tab of the main Composer window.


Creating a Paragraph object

In the Objects tab, double-click on the TP icon or click it and draw where you want it on the edit area. 

This will add a Paragraph object with sample text to your DISE Movie, you can change this text by right clicking on the object in the main window and select Edit



Paragraph selector

Select which paragraph you want to edit. 

In the example above the title is selected, you can delete a paragraph by selecting it in the dropdown menu and hitting the 'Delete' button.  

To add a new paragraph you simply hit the 'Add' button. 

Paragraph editor

This is where you can change the name of your paragraph and also change its content. 

To change the content simply type in the text which in the example contains "Lorem Ipsum". 


Vertical align

Choose how you want to vertically align the selected paragraph. 

Use background color

Change the background color of the object

Collapse empty items

Collapse empty Paragraphs

Edit tabs

Add tabs to the Paragraph, for example if you want prices to be all the way to the right



Select font you want to use for the selected paragraph.

Max size

Max font size that the paragraph can scale to in a template.

Min size

The minimum font size the paragraph can scale to in a template.


Letter case

Here you can select if you want the entire paragraph in uppercase, lowercase or unchanged. 

Line spacing

Spacing between each line of text in the selected paragraph.

Letter spacing

Spacing between each letter in the selected paragraph.

Add  after paragraph

Select if you want to add for example a line or a tab after the Paragraph


Template object

Enable or disable if you want the currently selected paragraph to be a template field that can be modified in the DISE CX Portal.  

Data connected/Connect data...

You can find more information about data connections here

Parse Macros

Check box if you want to parse macros, like "Date or "Time"


Enable Outline

Enables an outline around the text, can be used to get an shadow effect

Enable Outline

Check the box to blur the outline