This article describes how to set up DISE Premium with with automatic software updates. 


The software update feature is available in Dise Premium v26 and later. In order to update a player, it needs to be installed in the user's folder (that is, it should not be installed in Program Files (x86) - this is the default for newer installation. 

Contact DISE Support if you want to check what version you have installed currently. 

The software update feature also requires that an administrator has previously uploaded software packages to use.
Contact your server administrator, or if you are using a * portal, contact DISE Support to get access to software packages.

We strongly recommend testing a software update on a single player before publishing it to an entire network. 

Player settings 

  • Go to a player or player group and select Settings > Advanced. 
  • Under Software package, select a software package to install.
  • Save the player and publish. 
  • The autoupdating feature in DISE Premium will pick up the new update and start it automatically. The player reboots after the update.



"I have set a software package but the player is still not updating."


  • Make sure that the DISE Premium software is version 26 or above and that it is installed in the user's folder.
  • Set up logging on the player: 
  • Make sure that the process "DISEAutoUpdater" is running on the PC, restart the PC if it is not