Below is a guide on how to set up a screensaver playlist on a Premium device using layouts in the DISE Portal. 

Note: The following guide is for super admins, if you are not a super admin and want to use the feature contact

Step by step setup

  1. Go to Experimental features > Triggers and create a new trigger. You can call it for example "PlayerIdle". Make sure "Local Source" is set to "Yes".
  2. Go into to Layouts and set up how you want the playlist to be displayed.
    Please note: It is important that the screensaver playlist is in the bottom of the playlist list.
  3. Select and edit your screensaver playlist in the layout list, select your newly created trigger and apply it to the playlist
  4. Go to your player that you want to set up with a screensaver
  5. Next we want to create a custom setting for the player. Go into Settings -> Custom settings and create a new setting. This setting can also be applied on the root folder or any other folder if you want the setting on multi players. 
  6. Call the setting "Playback.Screensaver.TriggerName" and its value should be the name of the trigger you want to use, e.g. "PlayerIdle".
  7. Also add a setting "Playback.Screensaver.Delay" if you want to set the amount of seconds to wait before "going idle" and triggering the playlist.

Now if everything is set up correctly the player should show a playlist that is shown whenever the PC is idle for X seconds, and disappears whenever someone clicks the screen / moves mouse etc.