Follow these instructions to create a new playlist.

Instructions on playlists

Step 1: Create a new playlist

  • Start by clicking on the Playlist tab in the left menu.  
  • You should then see this on your screen where you can choose to create a new playlist. 
  • Choose a name for your playlist and then create.

Step 2: Populate the playlist with media

  • Select your playlist.
  • You can choose to upload new media or access already uploaded media. 
  • To upload media click on the Upload Media button or drag a file to upload it. 
  • On the right side you can see your content library with the folders and media that have already been uploaded. (If you can't see the content library there is an arrow on the right side that opens up the content library again)
  • Select the folder that you have uploaded your media to and simply drag the media to the playlist. 
  • When you have created a playlist do not forget to click Save and publish so you don't lose your work.

Step 3: Buttons and filtering

  • In the top you should see a 'Preview' button to preview your playlist after you have saved it. 
  • There is a button to change between 'List' and 'Gallery' view.
  • There is an arrow button on the right side to hide/show your content library. 
  • On the right side in the content library you can choose which folder you want to access media from but you can also filter media in that folder on the media display orientation.
  • Choose messages to show all the messages on your brand.
  • Choose playlists if you want to inherit another playlist. You can read more about sub-playlists here: