Follow these instructions to create a new playlist.

Instructions on playlists

Step 1: Create a new playlist

  • Start by clicking on the Playlist tab in the left menu.  
  • The user will be directed to this screen. 
  • Choose a name for the playlist and hit create playlist.

Step 2: Fill the playlist with media

  • Select the playlist.
  • Users can choose to upload new media or access already uploaded media. 
  • To upload media click on the Upload Media button or drag a file to upload it. 
  • There is a content folder on the right side filled with media that has already been uploaded. (If it disappears, there is an arrow on the right side to reopen it.)
  • Select the folder that has been uploaded with media and drag the folder to the playlist. 
  • Click Save and Publish when finished with the playlist.

Step 3: Buttons and filtering

  • In the top there is a 'Preview' button to view the playlist after it has been saved. 
  • There is a button to change between 'List' and 'Gallery' view.
  • There is an arrow button on the right side to hide/show the content library. 
  • On the right side in the content library, choose which folder to access media from. It's also possible to filter media in the folder on the media display orientation.
  • Choose messages to show all the messages on the brand.
  • Choose playlists to add another playlist. You can read more about sub-playlists here: