Follow this guide to learn how to create a Channel and populate it with playlists. Channels contain playlists you want to display. You then connect the channel to a display for it to begin showing the content in the playlists.

Instructions how create a Channel

Step 1: Create a channel

  • In the left menu click on the Channels tab

  • There is one default channel that you can use, but to create your own you click the +Create Channel button
  • Enter the name of the channel and the orientation then create your channel.
  • Click on your newly created channel to enter it. 

Step 2: Populate the Channel

  • In the top there is play button to preview what is in your channel, a grid or list view option and a folder button to access your playlists.
  • Filter on playlist orientation.
  • Search for the playlist you want to add to the channel.
  • When you have found your playlists, simply drag them to the Channel.
  • When you are done, don't forget to Save and publish