This guide will show you how to upload media to the CX Portal.

Instructions about media

1: Locate media tab

  • To upload or see media go to the media tab in the left menu. 

2: Select or create a folder

  • You can upload media direct to the default folder or you can create your own folders. Click on the add folder button and name you folder and then add it. 
  • If you close the folders view on the right side you can click on '>' to see it again. 

3: Upload new media

  • Click on the Upload Media button, or drag and drop your file to the Upload Media field. If you can't see your newly uploaded media, reload the page and it should be visible. 

4: Filter or search for media

  • In the top you can filter your media objects in that folder to only show specific files. You can filter on File type, Orientation, Uploaded from and Sort. You can also click on the magnifying glass to access the search filed to be able to search for specific media. 

5: Move or delete media

  • Select a media object, you then get a bar where you can select to move or delete the media.