This guide will demonstrate how to upload media to the CX Portal.

Instructions about media

1: Locate media tab

  • To upload or see media go to the media tab in the left menu. 

2: Select or create a folder

  • Users can upload media directly to the default folder, or new folders can be created. Click on the add folder button, name the folder and add it. 
  • The folder view can be closed on the right side. Click on '>' to see it again. 

3: Upload new media

  • Click on the Upload Media button, or drag and drop the file to the Upload Media field. If the content is not visible, refresh the page and it will appear. 

4: Filter or search for media

  • Media objects can be filtered to only show specific files. The four filters available are: File type, Orientation, Uploaded from and Sort. The magnifying glass is used to find specific media. 

5: Move or delete media

  • By selecting a media object, the user will then have the option to either move or delete the object. 

6: Change duration of media

  1. Go to media
  2. View media as gallery
  3. Click on the 3 dotted icon on the image
  4. Edit the image
  5. Change the duration of the image
  6. Save the changes