Scenarios are used to play specific playlists instead of the regular playlists in the channel. Playlists in a scenario are played when a certain condition or trigger is active.

Before you create a scenario a channel should be created to which the scenario will be added to. Here is a guide how to create a channel.

There should also be a playlist to which the scenario can be added to. Here is a guide how to create a playlist


Step 1: Create a Scenario

  • Go to the channel where you want to create a scenario.
  • Click the New Scenario button to begin to create a scenario.

Step 2: Set conditions for when the scenario should play

  • Write a name for the new scenario.
  • Set what conditions should be set for the scenario to play. Scenarios can contain multiple conditions. 
  • Conditions that can be applied are:
    • Date - Between two dates when the scenario should play.
    • Time & Day - A specific time of the day or a specific day of the week when the scenario should play.
    • Weather - Set the exact location of a player and then use the weather conditions to show a scenario when there is a specify weather or temperature.
    • Tag - A specific tag that should be set for the scenario to play.
    • Location - Set a scenario to show at a specific location or all but one location. 

Step 3: Populate a scenario with playlists

  • Once the scenario is complete, add it to playlists.
  • Select the folder where the playlist is located, then drag and drop the playlist to the scenario.  
  • To edit the conditions of the scenario click on the three dots in the top right of the scenario. This prompts the options to edit or delete the scenario. 
  • Don't forget to save and publish the changes when done.