On Samsung SSSP4 and SSSP6 screens there is a custom setting to make video playback play without black gaps between the videos. For SSSP4 only mp4 videos should be in the playlist for this to work. For SSSP6 the playlist can contain images, videos and disemovies.


On the portal select the player that you want to play gapless. 

  1. Go to settings
  2. Create a New Setting to this player
  3. Name: GaplessVideo, Data type: bool, Value: 1
  4. Save the setting
  5. Go to power and reload the player


  • Needs to play videos in fullscreen
  • Video needs to have the same aspect ratio as the screen
  • Does not work in layouts
  • Some limitations to disemovies (They can cause a small black gap before the the disemovie)