This solution will explain how you can setup synchronization between SSSP4 and SSSP6 screens. The videos do not have to be the same as long as you take note of the limitations below. 

Set up

For sync to work you need to add two custom settings to all players that you want to synchronize. 

For more information on custom settings and how to add them you can check this guide:

Add the following settings to the players: 

Setting: Sync.Enabled

Datatype: Bool

Value: 1

Setting: Sync.Groupid

Datatype: Int

Value: 5

You can select any 'Groupid' you want as long as they are the same on all the screens that you want to synchronize (5 is default so that is what we will use in this example).

Now the screens will synchronize!


  • Only videos will work
  • Videos need to be the same aspect ratio on all screens
  • Videos need to be the same length
  • Make sure the videos are of the same type (for example .mp4)
  • Videos need to have the same bitrate and use the same codecs for optimal results
  • Players need to be connected to the same network
  • Wifi does not work, cable connection is required