In this guide we will go through how to use a MAC Address to pair a player to the Portal instead of a Discovery code. 


Option #1

Using MAC address instead of the discovery code when the player is already installed on the device.

  1. Install Dise on your selected device
  2. Get the MAC address of the device
  3. When installed go into the Portal and create a new player
  4. In the 'Pairing code' box enter the MAC address
  5. Dise will connect to the Portal and start playing

Option #2

Connecting the player to the Portal before installing Dise on the device.

  1. Get the MAC address of the device you want to install
  2. Create a new player in the Portal and enter the MAC address in the 'Pairing code' box
  3. Install Dise on your selected device
  4. When installed Dise will automatically connect to the Portal using the MAC address

Keep in mind that it will take about 30 seconds after the Discovery code first shows on the screen before the player connects to the Portal. 


  • Premium Player: Your device can only have one MAC address (Multiple network cards is not supported)

Supported devices

A list of devices we have tested this on:

  • Brightsign HD223 V1.31.3 and later
  • ChromeOS V1.30.23 and later (Tested on V88 of ChromeOS)
  • Premium devices V1.32.12 and later (Windows PC)