This guide will show you how you can bundle a data file with a Dise movie so you can access them from the player. Most datafiles will work, example of these are .json and .txt files. 


  • Create a text file with the content “Hello world!” and save it, for example in C:\DISEContent\Content\Message.txt
  • Create a script file with the content below and save it for example in C:\DISEContent\Content\

#pragma language Python.AXScript.2
filename = DISEScript.GetVariable("File")
DISEScript.Log("filename " + filename)
f = open(filename, "r")
contents =
message = "Message is " + contents
DISEScript.SetVariable("Message", message)

  1. In Composer, go to Movie > Edit variables

  2. Add a new variable.

    1. Give it the name “File”

    2. For type, select File.

    3. Browse to your text file.

  3. Add a new variable

    1. Give it the name “Message”

    2. For type let it be Text

  4. Insert a text object 

  5. Right click text object and select Connect property > Text / filename

  6. Select the variable “Message” from the list and click Ok.

  7. Go to Movie > Edit scripts

  8. Under Load scripts click Add and browse to your script file. then click Ok

  9. Save and upload your template

Versions required

  • Composer V1.32.12 or later 
  • Premium V1.32.12 or later


Only supported on Premium devices