In this guide you will learn how to create and upload a template to the CX Portal



Before creating the template, make sure Dise CX Composer is installed on the PC. 

Also, make sure that it is Composer is version 31 or higher, the latest version can be found here:

If unsure of what version is currently installed, open Composer and go to File -> About and the current version can be located. 

Creating a template

  1. Start by opening the Dise composer and create a new disemovie
  2. Click on the 'Movie' tab in the top menu
  3. Click on the 'Edit variables' button
  4. Add a new variable
  5. Enter a name, the variable type and a value if a standard value for the template field is wanted
  6. Check the 'Export as template field' box
  7. Click on the 'OK' button to create variable
  8. Choose the text object and drag and drop it to the scene to add it
  9. Right click on the text object on the scene and choose 'Connection property' and then 'Text/filename'
  10. Choose the variable previously created from the drop down menu
  11. Click 'OK'
  12. The variable is now connected to the text object. If a value was chosen for the variable, a text object should display that value. If no value was chosen, the text object will not display anything until uploaded to the portal
  13. When complete, save the movie

Uploading a template

  1. Once saved, go to the 'Home' tab and in the top right there is a button to upload to the Dise CX Portal
  2. Enter portal login credentials, choose a folder and the disemovie will be uploaded as a template
  3. The 'Templates' menu on the portal will now show the template

When a template is uploaded to the portal, read this guide on how to use the template to create messages that can be published to displays.