In this guide we will go through how you can set up and sync screens that play different content but with items of the same length. 

A use case might be that you have 3 screens next to each other that you want to sync the content on but they do not display the same content. 

This solution is for Premium players, if you want to do something similar on Lite players see this solution.


Creating your NoBorder Dise movie

  1. Open up Dise CX Composer
  2. Go to the 'Movie' tab and click 'Movie properties'
  3. Specify the 'Width' an the 'Height' of all screens combined
  4. Click 'Change' next to 'Number of screens'
  5. At the bottom right click 'Add' and add all of your screens with their individual resolution
  6. When you have added all your screens you want to click 'Save as preset...'
  7. A new dialog box will appear asking you to name it, give it an appropriate name and click 'OK'
  8. Hit 'OK' on the remaining open dialog boxes

You will now see your newly created screen definition in your canvas. 

The blue boxes represent your screens, go ahead and add your videos or images into these boxes. 

You can make them template objects as well if you want to be able to change the content directly from the Portal in the future. 

If you want to add more content you can create another scene. 

Do this by clicking 'Scenes' in the bottom left of Composer and then click the plus sign. 

In this new scenes you can add more videos or images that will come after the ones in the first scene, you can make these into template objects as well. Make sure you name your video and image objects under the general tab so it is easy to tell them apart in the Portal. 

Repeat this step as many time as you would like

When adding your content you need to make sure that all the content in one scene is exactly the same length.

When your Dise Movie is done, upload it to the Dise CX Portal. 

For more info regarding this see this solution:

Setting up NoBorders in the Portal

First you want to find your newly created screen definition on your PC, it is saved to this folder as default: "C:\DISEContent\System\Screen definitions". 

When you have found your screen definition do the following steps. 

  1. Login in to your Network on the Dise CX Portal
  2. Go down to the 'System' tab
  3. Click 'Screen Definitions
  4. Drag and drop your screen definition into the window that opened. 
  5. Now go to 'Playlists' and hit the plus symbol in the top right to create a new one
  6. Name it what you want and click 'Save'
  7. Go into the playlist hit the plus symbol in the top right again
  8. Add your newly uploaded Dise Movies
  9. Now you want to go into the 'Layouts' Tab
  10. Click the plus symbol in the top right
  11. Give your layout a name and make sure to select your newly uploaded screen definition in the dropdown box 
  12. Now go into to your newly created layout and hit the plus symbol
  13. Add your playlist to the layout
  14. Now finally you want to go to the 'Players' tab
  15. Go to the players you want to sync the content on and your Layout as content
  16. Click on the first one and then click the wrench and the screwdriver symbol in the top right
  17. Click 'Settings' in the new window that appeared
  18. Click on the 'NoBorders' box
  19. Select what screen this is in relation to the Screen definition
  20. Hit save and do this to all the players you want to sync

The last part you need to do is to add sync settings to all the players, see this solution for a guide on how to do that.

Now you are done and your players should sync their Playback.


  1. Videos need to be exactly the same length
  2. Have to use NoBorders and Composer