Locations can be setup so it is easy to know where in the world a display is. 

A brand can contain countries, regions and sites. Sites can then also contain different zones. An example on how you can setup your location tree structure is listed below:

  1. Brand – The name of your brand and the start of the location tree structure.
  2. Country – Every brand needs at least one country. If you have displays in different countries you can of course create several countries on your brand. In a country you can then select to either create a region or a site. 
  3. Region – Can contain sites. Regions can be used to specify a region in a country or a town. 
  4. Site – The specific store or office where the displays are. On a site you can create different zones.
  5. Zone – Can be used to specify where on a site the displays are., for example if the displays are on the first or second floor in a building. Displays are then connected to a zone, if you select a zone you can see which players are under that specific zone (see image below).