In most cases a display will repesent a physical screen on site, but it is also possible to stretch the playback across multiple screens.

The displays tab shows all the displays on a brand. In the top there are sorting and search options to help find the display. It shows the status of the display and the channel it is connected to. 


Create a display

Start by going to the display tab. In the top right corner there is a button to add a new display.

  1. Enter the pairing code that is showing on your display (the code can also be added after you have created the display)
  2. Choose a name for the display
  3. Choose the display orientation
  4. Select a layout from the drop down menu
  5. Choose the type of player the display is going to be connected to. Is it a Dise Premium player or a Dise Lite player? (Premium are used for Windows players and Lite are used for Samsung / LG / Android / ChromeOS / BrightSign) 
  6. Click on next

Choose the desired license to use for the display, then click next.

Select where the display should be shown in the location tree. (Location can be changed later, too) 

Display information

Clicking a display will give more information.

  1. A screenshot from the display
  2. Current status of the display
  3. Hardware connected to the display
  4. Zone the display is connected to
  5. The layout of the display
  6. The channels playing on the display
  7. Add a tag to the display

Edit displays

Click on a display and it can be edited in the top right corner. 

  • Change the name of the display
  • Change the orientation of the display
  • Enter a new paring code
  • Delete the display