A playlist can contain different kinds of media but it can also contain another playlist. A playlist that already contains a sub playlist cannot be added as a sub-playlist.


Add a sub-playlist

  1. Go to the playlist tab
  2. Select playlists instead of media
  3. If a playlist is grey, it cannot be added as a sub playlist because it also contains sub playlists.
  4. If a playlist is not grey, then it does not contain a sub playlist and can then be added to the playlist. Drag and drop the playlist to thecurrent playlist
  5. Here is a sub playlist that's been added to a playlist. In the centre of the screen you can see which items are included in the playlist.

Sub playlist behaviour

Choose how many items from the playlist should be displayed on each playlist iteration. Click on the sub playlist to start editing. 

  1. Choose the 'Sub playlist' tab
  2. Select the amount of items from the sub playlist that should be displayed on each iteration. It is also possible to play all of the items
  3. Save changes

(Note: You can click on the 'Edit' button, which you can see on the image below, while you edit a sub playlist. This will take you to that playlist and you can edit that playlist directly.)