This guide will instruct how to connect multiple displays to one player.


Introduction to multiple displays

After installing dise on a player that should use multiple displays, go to the Dise Control Center settings and add multiple outputs. After this is done and the player is connected to the dise portal, create multiple displays connected to a the player. The guide to Output settings can be found here.

Multiple outputs on the player

  1. On the media player, open the windows taskbar and right click on the dise control center icon.
  2. Click on settings and then select Output settings 
  3. A new Output settings window will then appear. It's possible to add more display outputs or edit existing outputs.
  4. Press the Add button, then choose a name for the output and select a graphics adapter. (Each output should use different graphics adapter)

  5. Press the Ok button to save the new settings, then restart Dise for the new settings.  

Multiple displays on the Dise portal

After creating and connecting the first display (Use this solution for information on how to do this) a player will also have been created. Go to that player and there should be an option to add another display. (If there is no option to create a second display you probably need to add more outputs on the player, shown in the previous step.) 

  1. Go to players and select the player that another display will be added to.
  2. There should be one output already connected to a display, as well as an option to add more 
  3. Click on the add display button to create another display for the player.
  4.  Save the new display and then go to the newly created display. Select a channel for the display like normal. Read more about displays here: