This guide will explain the different roles and what they can do on the Dise CX Portal. 


Introduction to user roles

There are five user roles on the Dise CX Portal. These five roles can either be set global on the entire brand or on a specific location. This means that the users roles differ from each other but the same user role can see different things depending on where the user role are in the location tree. 

The roles

  • Admin - Administrators hold all rights within their designated area. It includes the right to manage content, to manage screens and channels, and to manage other users and sites.
  • Editor - Editors can, with a few exceptions, create, modify, move, and delete content. They can change existing locations, but not create new ones or delete existing ones, nor can they delete playlists used by a channel or share folders.
  • Viewer - Viewers can see the content as well as the channels, playlists, users and folders that are on their own site, but no more than that.
  • Contributor - contributors have the right to add content in the form of media, templates, messages, and folders, and to a limited extent change them. The role does not have the right to place content in playlists or delete content. 
  • Author - Authors have limited rights to manage content. They can move messages and move and change media. 

Create/Remove Location
Update/Move Location
View Location 
Create/Remove/Update Display
View Display
Create/Remove/Update Channel
View Channel
Create/Remove Playlist
Update/Edit Playlist
Remove/Reorder content from playlist
View playlist
Upload media 
Remove media
Update/Move media
View media
Create/Remove/Update folders
Upload template
Remove/Update template
View template
Create/Update message
Move message
Remove message
View message
Manage triggers
Manage users
Manage tags