Displays can have multiple different configurations depending on how the setup of hardware and screens are done on site. Below we list some of the most common scenarios and how you can set this up in Dise CX Portal. 


One screen connected to one player

Example image below:

The most common scenario is that you simply have one screen connected to your hardware. To set this up you can follow our baseline solution found here: https://support.dise.com/en/support/solutions/articles/9000200421-displays

This will give you one display in the portal which will represent your screen on site. 

Two or more screens connected to one player with separate desktops

Example image below:

This is when you connect multiple screens to the same hardware without setting up stretched display. So each screen will have a separate desktop and you will have separate playback outputs when running Dise. For more information on how you can set this up please check this solution: https://support.dise.com/en/support/solutions/articles/9000206537-multiple-displays

In this method each screen connected to an output will give you a separate display in the Portal. So if you have your screens set up as the example above you will end up with 3 different displays in the Portal. 

You can also set this up using only one playback output so you can stretch the playback window over multiple screens. To do this you need to do some output settings on the player, we are currently working on this and a solution around this will published soon. This way will only create one display in the Portal. 

Two or more screens connected to one player with stretched desktop

Example image below:

This scenario most of the set up is done on the player itself. These days most graphic cards support higher resolutions and stretched desktops. 

How to set this up on your PC please refer to these manufacturer guides. 

Nvidia Mosaic setup

AMD Eyefinity setup

Intel Collage setup

After the setup has been done on your PC you can install Dise as usual and we will adapt the playback to the resolution of the desktop. See this guide for setup: https://support.dise.com/en/support/solutions/articles/9000200421-displays

With this scenario you will have one display in the portal.

One downside with this method is that all screens needs to be working at all times. If one screen loses connection the resolution will go back to default and many if not all screens will go black. In some cases using EDID's will help to counter act this issue. 

One player for each screen (NoBorder)

Example image: 

This is when you have one player for each display but want to output content stretching over all screens. We have a guide on how to do this in the old portal and the steps before uploading it from the CX Composer will be the same. There is currently no support for this in the new CX Portal but as soon as there is we will write a guide on how to set it up. 

Doing it this way will give you a separate display and player for each screen in the portal.