Adding a download schedule to your player will enable it to only download new files during a fixed time period during the night. 

Set up

Download schedule can be set up on individual screens, groups or at root level.

1. Go into the player or group you want to add the setting to

2. Click the wrench and screwdriver in the top right

3. Click 'Settings'

4. Go to 'Download Schedule'

5. Click the top box and select 'Enabled'

6. Go to the next box and select the time you want for download to happen

Different scenarios and what will happen.

- Added items to the playlist after Download schedule is turned on will not be downloaded

- Removed items in the playlist when download schedule is turned on will not be removed from the screen

- Rebooting the player will trigger a download

- Reloading the screen will trigger a download 

- Changing the playlist will not trigger a download, screen will still play the old playlist until the new one can be downloaded

- Clicking 'Request content update' will not trigger a download