Installation using URL 

To install Lite on the LG WebOS 6.0, please

  1. Connect Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect power supply.

  3. Start the screen and go through the initial setup guide.

    1. Choose the 'Quick start' option

    2. Make sure that the internal date/time on the screen is correct (Important!)

    3. If the playback is supposed to be in Portrait mode make sure to rotate the screen

    4. Unless specified differently the rest of the settings can be left alone

    5. Choose 'Go to settings' 

  4. Under the 'EZ SETTINGS' tab select 'SI server setting' 
  5. In the 'SI SERVER SETTING' you want to once again select 'SI Server setting'
  6. On this screen you want to do the following
    1. “Application Launch Mode” should be set to Local
    2. “Fully Qualified Domain Name” should be On
    3. Add the Dise URL
    4. Choose "Application Type": IPK
    5. Click REMOTE
    6. Wait until installed and restart the screen

To access the server settings through the Settings menu, follow the steps below:

  • On the remote controller, press the SETTINGS button, or click the Server_Setting_Icon.png button on the Smart Home screen.
  • On the Ez Setting menu, select the SI SERVER SETTING option.
  • On the SI SERVER SETTING screen, select the SI Server Setting option.