Follow this guide to learn how to create a layout and populate it with channels. Layouts divide the screen into multiple sections. Users can connect each section to a show a channel for it to begin showing the content in the playlists of that channel.


Step 1: Create a layout

  • In the left menu click on the Admin tab, then select layouts. Click the Create button:

  • Enter a name for the layout and specify the full resolution of the layout.
  • Once created, select your newly created layout.
  • Create layers within your layout by clicking the Add Layer button 
  • Create the layers by setting the following options:
    • Width
      Width of channel
    • Height
      Height of channel
    • Position X
      Position of channel horizontally 
    • Position Y
      Position of channel vertically
    • Z index
      Stack position of channel - 0 = Bottommost layer
    • Visibility
      Disable for transparent channel
    • The Width, Height, Position X, Position Y can be entered as a percentage of the full layout or by pixels:
    • Once all layers have been created, click the Save button

Step 2: Add layout to display

  • In the left menu, click on the Displays tab and select the display
  • Under Layout, click the Edit button 
  • Select the newly created layout from the drop down menu and click the Save button
  • Under the same display, under Channels click the Edit button
  • Select which channels to show in each layer and click the Save button

Using layouts with multi-screen players

Compatible media players that are connected to multiple screens can be configured to use layouts to show different channels across different screens. The media player needs to be configured as an Extended Display, Combined Desktop or Collage mode (media player settings may differ between models).

Automatic Sync

Playlist items with all the same duration, in different channels in a layout will automatically sync. This means both screens will change content at exactly the same time.