Dise recommends choosing one of our supported media player platforms. 

Dise Supported Media Player Platforms

  • Windows 10 IOT
  • Samsung SSP6 +
  • Philips D Line (Android 8), Philips P Line (Android 7), Philips Q Line (Android 7)
  • LG WebOS 4.1+

Other platforms (not on the Dise supported list)

  • Other platforms including Sony Android, DynaScan Android, Giada Android are not supported although Dise does have a generic Android App. 
  • Dise may run on other platforms, but Dise has not tested operation and performance. Partners should expect issues when running Dise software on platforms which are not on the supported list. 
  • Dise partners must test and satisfy themselves of Dise software operation and performance on other platforms. 
  • If our partner community highlights an issue with Dise running on another platform, we may choose to not address the issue. 
  • If we fix an issue related to another platform, Dise Partners should not expect future releases of Dise to run on that platform and must test operation and performance themselves.
  • Dise is not checking for and testing on new models or firmware for platforms which are not on the supported list.
  • Tickets raised to Dise Support on platforms which are not on the supported list may be closed without action.