Adding a custom module to a brand

In the CX Portal, users have the option to create custom modules, which are web applications that can be added to the portal and accessed from within the user interface (UI). To add a custom module to a brand in the CX Portal, certain steps need to be followed. Here's a guide:


Note: Access to the partner account or portal account associated with the brand is required to proceed with these steps.

1. Open the admin view of the CX Portal.

2. Click on the 'Modules' option.

3. Locate and click the 'Create' button located in the top right corner.

4. Provide a name for your custom module.

5. Depending on your access level (Partner or Portal), select the brand to which you want to add the module. If you are at the Portal level, you will also need to specify the partner under which you want to add the module.

6. Enter the URL that you want to be displayed within the module.

7. Optionally, include any additional data required for the module. This can include authentication details or other relevant information, written in JSON format.

Once the above steps are completed, your custom module will be added to the selected brand within the CX Portal. To access and open the module, simply locate it in the left sidebar of the brand's interface. Clicking on the module will open it in the UI. For example, if you created a module named 'Dashboard', you would find it in the sidebar and open it by clicking on it.