Campaigns can be used to easily distribute content across multiple playlists at the same time.


Step 1: Create a Campaign

  1. In the left menu click on the Campaigns tab, then select Add campaign:
  2. Enter details to create the campaign
    • Name
    • Type - Create a campaign type. This used to identify different campaigns
    • Conditions - Set when the campaign should be live
    • Options that impact non-admin users:
      • Campaign items are allowed to be disabled by local users in playlists
      • Campaign items can have their duration changed by local users in playlists
      • Campaign items are visible in playlists before the start date
  3. Once created you can duplicate, edit or delete the campaign. Click on the the campaign type to change its name, color or to delete it. 

Step 2: Add a distribution

  1. Click on the campaign to Add distribution
  2. Enter the details to add a distribution
    • Name
    • Channels
    • Playlists - select one or more playlists

Step 3: Add content

  1. Once added, drag and drop the content to be distributed via the campaign into the Landscape and/or Portrait sections.
  2. Press the green check mark to save:
  3. Add multiple distributions if needed.

Step 4: Checking playlist

  1. Once the campaign has been created, checking the playlist will show the distributed content items: