In this guide we will go through how to create a transparent overlay in Composer. To get this effect you can use the combine object function on a black and white video. 


Creating the video

First of you need to create a black and white video to use as your alpha mask. The part that will be transparent should be black and the part that you want visible you want to make white. 

Here is an example of how a the video can look. 

Adding the video to the CX Composer and selecting color

To add the video to the CX Composer all you need to do is drag it into your canvas, or you can drag in the video object and select the video you created. 

To change the color you need to add an image with the color you want. Simply create an image in a solid color and add it to the canvas, either by using the image object or by dragging and dropping. 

Combining the objects

Now you want to Combine the objects to play as one. Select both the image and the video on the timeline by control clicking them. Then right click the canvas and select 'Combine objects'. Now you will have your transparent video with the color you want. Add whatever you want below the 'Combine' object in the timeline and it will show behind your transparent video. 

This is the final effect: