This article will demonstrate some of the useful intricacies of the CX Portal, how to find them, and how to utilize them.


The Super Search tool allows users to find anything in the portal, from media to a zone. It can be located by clicking on the microscope icon at the top right side of the portal, and allows users to filter types of media and search with keywords. To exit this screen click the arrow on the right side.

Change Active Role

If individuals have roles on multiple brands or hold several roles within a specific brand, they can change between these roles. There are two methods available for changing the active role:

  1. Quick-change menu: Users can locate the quick-change menu at the top left corner of the interface. By accessing this menu, they can swiftly select the desired role they wish to use. This option offers a convenient way to switch between roles without navigating to a different page.

My Profile

Alternatively, users can click on their name in the left menu, which will redirect them to their profile page. On the profile page, users can observe a list of all their roles. They can choose the desired role from a drop-down menu provided. In addition to role selection, the profile page also offers other options such as logging out, resetting passwords, adjusting language settings, and removing roles that are no longer required.

These methods provide users with flexibility and ease in changing their active role, enabling them to effectively manage their responsibilities across various brands or within a single brand.

Act as

The Act As function can be used by administators to view what content a specific site has access to. Here are the steps to access it.

  1. Enter Locations on the left menu
  2. Choose the site that will be "acted as"
  3. Click the three dots next to Add Zone and select Act As 
  4. The icon below shows that the portal now shows only content that is available to that location including playlists, media, triggers etc. 
  5. To exit, hit X and the portal will return to normal

Toggling between views

Content can either be viewed in list view or gallery view. These lists can be toggled by hitting the three lines as shown above for the list view or by hitting the four squares next to it for gallery view. List view is shown above, while gallery view is shown below. Content can be deleted in gallery view by clicking on the three dots on the content and selecting delete.